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Your Liverpool Bucket List

Now Rooms proudly presents the top 10 'Bucket List' items to cross off your list whilst you are visiting the city.

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Keeping Our Tenants Happy

Now Room’s examines how we keep our Tenant’s happy with the contributions from our dedicated teams.

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8 Tips to Avoid Rental Scams

Now Rooms have highlighted 8 tips for our renters to look out for in order to avoid rental scams.

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Transforming HMO's into Homes: The Art of Furnishing Your Property

Furnishing any property is important but furnishing your HMO is doubly important. Here are some of our top tips for furnishing your new HMO.

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City of Liverpool's Remarkable Regeneration

Liverpool is a very attractive destination to invest in property in for many reasons. This article will outline some of them!

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The Basics of HMOs in Liverpool

Want to learn more about HMOs? This will cover your basics and why they're a great investment.

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Investing in Rental Property

Thinking of investing in Property? At Now Rooms we've compiled a list of things to consider before you do.

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Why Use a Lettings & Property Management Agency?

You’ve purchased your first HMO, or expanded your portfolio – congratulations! What should you do next?

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