Your Liverpool Bucket List

To truly experience the great city of Liverpool, there are numerous activities, events and sights you cannot miss! These opportunities and experiences are treasured and enjoyed by the local community, tourists and regular visitors of the city. Now Room’s looks at the indisputable ‘Bucket List’ to carry out whilst you’re in the city.

  1. Visit The Beatles Story: Explore the world's largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the lives and music of The Beatles.
  2. Take a tour of Anfield Stadium: Home to Liverpool Football Club, experience the history and atmosphere of this iconic football ground.
  3.  Explore the Albert Dock: Discover the vibrant waterfront area with its museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants.
  4. Visit the Liverpool Cathedral: Admire the stunning architecture and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the tower.
  5. Explore the World Museum: Discover a wide range of exhibits, including natural history, ancient civilizations, and space exploration.
  6. Walk along the Royal Albert Dock: Enjoy the scenic waterfront promenade, lined with historic buildings and boats.
  7. Take a ferry across the Mersey: Enjoy a scenic boat ride and take in the views of Liverpool's skyline.
  8. Visit the Walker Art Gallery: Explore one of the largest art collections in England, featuring works from the 13th century to the present day.
  9.  Experience the nightlife at Mathew Street: Known for its vibrant music scene, this street is home to the famous Cavern Club where The Beatles performed.
  10. Take a stroll through Sefton Park: Enjoy the beautiful green spaces, lakes, and Victorian palm house in this picturesque park.

To have these cultural, historical and celebrated attractions at your disposal every day is incredible- no wonder so many visitors of the city are drawn to move here. To see what Liverpool has to offer- start planning your trip and who knows, the city might just persuade you to rent a room and stay?

Keeping Our Tenants Happy

We here at Now Rooms pride ourselves on providing great Customer Service. For our business to thrive, we need to ensure our Tenants are supported in every aspect from the minute they enquire about a room to rent. Our dedicated team ensure our tenants are happy throughout this experience and this is how:

Our Lettings Team

As soon as one of our tenants enquires about a property, we act fast. Our Lettings Team strive to respond to our enquiries as quickly as possible, taking note of any requirements they may have, booking property viewings at the earliest opportunity and making sure the tenant is happy with everything before securing the holding deposit.  With our efficient referencing portal, we will have references completed, checks in order and tenancy agreements signed within a week ready for the tenant to move in as soon as possible.

Speed and efficiency are the key components to keeping tenants happy when looking for a room- and we are here to support tenants every step of the way.

Our Property Management Team

Keeping a tenant happy can be challenging when things do not go to plan, whether it’s a leak coming from above, the electrics tripping out or if the boiler breaks down; in an ideal world, everything would work perfectly. However, the reality is nothing is perfect. Our Now Rooms’ Property Management team keep our tenants happy by minimizing the stress that these issues cause- with a quick response and speedy solution, our tenants feel taken care of when things do not go to plan.

With our CRM system our tenants can communicate with our Property Managers directly and report any maintenance issue with a click of a button. We found that it is the most effective way to respond to our tenants swiftly and efficiently. With our in-house maintenance team on call, you will have an engineer at your door as soon as possible.

Operations Management & Accounts team:

The way we operate ultimately has an effect on our tenants- and we at Now Rooms strive to adapt and change our operations in order to keep our tenants happy. With our operations manager overseeing our teams’ day-to-day tasks – we will look at ways we can implement new systems and strategies in order to improve the service we offer such as the introduction of our efficient referencing portal and CRM system.

Our accounts team ensures that our tenant’s deposits are released from the DPS the minute the check-out report has been reviewed by the team. Retrieval of the deposit, we know, is a key factor in keeping a tenant happy and our accounts department strive to be quick and responsive in liaising with the team to make sure they receive their deposit within the lawful time frame.

Overall, keeping our tenants happy is a top priority and our teams’ efforts do not go unnoticed! If you are looking for a room to rent and a team you can trust, get in contact with us today and we will be there every step of the way.